Dimension Studio Africa is a Pretoria based architectural firm with involvement in projects all over South Africa.

Originally founded in 2001 by Leon Reynecke as a response to the growing demand for specialisation in motor-related architecture, the practice is now operating under the management of Retha Heyns and Carl Havemann with involvement in residential, office and commercial projects.

The specialisation stems from years of involvement in the local and international motor dealership design evolution and implementation. We have been instrumental in the successful local corporate identity roll-out of several motor manufacturers and are consulting for other architectural firms on similar appointments.

Apart from corporate identity implementation, we also offer a unique understanding of the complex operational brief of motor dealerships and how to combine this with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Our team of professional architects and associates has a full understanding of the local construction industry to ensure the successful implementation of each project.

Combined experience includes a diverse range of architectural projects from commercial to residential works.

Each of our projects strives to not only fulfill the creative potential of the design, but to also provide a functional solution. As part of our overall philosophy we aim to make informed and environmentally aware choices and provide professional assistance throughout the course of a project.

The large number of repeat projects offered to us by our clients, bears testimony to the success of this strategy.


Do you only design commercial buildings?

No, we can assist you any design project: office, commercial, warehouse, residential or interior projects.

Do you only take on new projects?

No, we are involved in various alterations and additions as well as new or “greenfield” buildings and projects.

Do you only take on large-scaled projects?

No, we are involved in projects varying from small scale to large. These include shop or tenant layouts, patios or canopies on plans, house designs or additions to large office buildings and dealerships.

How long does the process take?

A design process can take approximately 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity. Client-architect interaction is key during this stage.

Council approval can take anything from a few weeks to 6-8 months, so it would be good to take this into account when planning a project.

Typically, an owner has 1 year to commence with construction after building plan approval, where after you will have to re-submit plans again for approval.
Construction duration is project-dependent; please come and discuss the various scenarios with us.

Why do I need approved plans?

The law requires that any owner of a property obtain approval from the local authority prior to erecting any structure on site.

Please ensure that you keep a copy of approved building plans and occupation certificate. Your local municipality is under no obligation to keep copies of these documents. This responsibility rests on the owner, not the architect.

Can you assist with plans approvals?

We can certainly compile a record of what you have on site and submit to council. For new projects, this will be included in the service that we provide, and we will adhere to all building standards and laws when designing.

Please take note that we sometime come across buildings that have been illegally built and submitting to the local authority does not guarantee definite plan approval. You might have to correct the wrongs of the past in order to obtain building plans approval, e.g. buildings that have been built over building lines or property boundaries.

Can you sign off on my plans?

We will not sign off on behalf of any other professional/ non-professional. If an unqualified draughts person has provided you with a design or building plans, we suggest that you consult with a registered architect. This will save you a lot of headache in the future.

What will it cost?

This is project-dependent and is based on the total building cost of each project.

We work on a percentage-based fee and will typically charge for travel, and disbursements (drawings and hard copies) in additional to the architectural fee.

Take note that fees payable to local municipalities or any other service contributions are excluded from our services.

Our first consultation includes a brief discussion where we can discuss your budget and what is that we will provide in terms of service.

Before we commence with work for new clients, we ask that a deposit is paid. This ensures that we can give your project our utmost attention and will be deducted from the architectural fee if the project proceeds to the next stage.

An initial meeting is R450.00 per hour when travelling to site and free when consulting at our office. In this meeting we will discuss your brief, ideas, budget and what service we could provide.

Do you only design in a specific style?

No, we take the client’s taste and input into account and translate this to an acceptable architectural solution. You are welcome to come and share your mood boards with us over a cup of coffee.

Why do I need to appoint a registered professional person for my project?

Why would you not? The architectural profession is a regulated profession, very much like the legal and medical profession.

One would not consult with an unregistered or informally trained doctor when seeking medical advice, why would you consider going this route when investing in property?

Would you be willing to risk work?

We only involve ourselves in risk projects where the risk is mitigated.

Can you assist with contract administration during the construction process?

Yes, we will then be appointed as the principal agent and can guide you through the entire process.

Can you advise me on which contractor to use for my project?

Yes, we can refer you to reputable contractors or specialist that we deal with on a regular basis.

Why do I need a contract when appointing a contractor or builder for my project?

We would not advise to start with any construction without having a contract in place. Building Law is a spesialised field and it caters for small to larger projects.

Why do I need other consultants when building a house?

Please take note that you will have to appoint other professionals like a residential architect.